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Easy Access to all In-Game Commands.


Live view of the world map, player locations and claims.

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Server Rules

Basketball wouldn't be much of a sport without rules. Rules make playing more fun for everyone. You can read them in-game with the command: /rules

Ban Hammer

We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. If you have been banned you likely can get unbanned by simply requesting it.
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Discord has replaced our forum we used to have. Share images, thoughts, get help, it's the best way to stay in touch.
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Voting Rewards

By voting for PickaxeMania, you help promote the server and get rewards for doing so.
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Server Features

We Help Make Minecraft Even More Fun.


Enhances Gameplay.


Earn money in-game doing the activities that you enjoy. Mining, Woodcutting, Digging, Building and More!


Enhances Gameplay.

Grief Protection

Enhances Gameplay.

Player Shops

Enhances Gameplay.


Enhances Gameplay.


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