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Repeatedly Losing Connection.



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I'm aware that the problem is not pickaxe - others are getting by just fine without any issues. Yet it's not me either, this has been going on for months and I've reinstalled java, reinstalled minecraft, restarted the modem, restarted my laptop, tried on the desktop computer with an ethernet connection. And nothing has worked.

The internet people can't seem to do anything about it - although it's been happening ever since I switched to the infamous NBN (National Broadband Network) about 7 months... but it's not as though there's any other option where I live...

Less than a minute after I log on I get the following message v I can usually tell when it's about to time out, because the hat layer on my skin has yet to show up.

I can't play during the day, my timezone (AEST), but I can play in the late evening, night and early morning. Naturally, this is making my activity drop. It seems to work alright on those big minigame servers, but I also encounter the same issue on every small server I've tried.

There are many people who've made similar threads across the internet, for this problem or similar, but they've all managed to fix it after a little bit of trial and error; I have not, and that's why I'm bringing it to you.

My dad understands a little more about how things work. He installed this thing called ping plotter to see what was happening.

We asked it to track my signal to "pickaxemania.com". I'm not sure if that did the job, but it turned out something was drastically wrong - look at all the red!

I'm not particularly good with computers. But if anyone understands it and has any suggestions it'd be much appreciated.