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Plan for 1.13 Release



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Whenever Mojang releases 1.13 (as of this writing, expected on July 18th), a number of things need to happen....

After the release, Spigot will start releasing public snapshots of 1.13, which will allow developers to start testing their plugins against 1.13. Since so much has changed in 1.13, I don't have any expectation that this will be a quick upgrade to 1.13. There will be bugs and issues in Spigot alone, not to mention all the plugins from various developers.

Thus, I can't say with any confidence how long after the release of 1.13, that we will be able to update. At minimum, it will be about 12 days. I will be leaving for vacation on the 17th and by the time I get back and with other things going on when I return, it will take a few more days for me to have time to test updated plugins. There is a core number of plugins that we will have to wait on to update, otherwise we can't upgrade to 1.13.

* If possible, I will try and update a plugin that allows our 1.12.2 server to talk to older client versions and this same plugin, should be updated and allow those on 1.13 clients to connect to the server.

Once we actually go live with 1.13... this is what will happen...

The world that our spawn is in, will be fully regenerated as 1.13, with all the new ocean stuff. Our current survival world, will remain as is, nothing will change with it. You will be able to freely move items between both worlds. There are NO plans to remove the existing survival world or make it unusable. You will be able to setup portals between your current base and a new base, should you choose to build one, in the new world. Allowing you and your friends to easily move between them without using /tpa, or an additional sethome.

You can go ahead and use LiveMap to scope out where you want to build in the new world, as it should be very similar (same seed) as world5 on live map. Granted, the new ocean biomes will be integrated into the existing ocean areas, so if you want a specific ocean biome, you will just have to wait until we update.

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