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Discussion in 'Server News' started by RoelandCache, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. RoelandCache

    RoelandCache Owner Staff Member

    Hello all.

    We had a big server crash. Our power supply in our server failed, but in the process, it took out two separate hard drives, one which contained our database and some of our worlds (like Creative), and it also took out our backup drive, where backups of the database and other things were stored.

    The last backup that was stored offsite, was back on May 23 2017. What does this mean?

    • We lost all forum thread/posts/uploads between May 23 - Oct 22 2017
    • We lost all player data that was stored in the database for the same time frame
    • We may have lost all changes to Creative world in that time frame
    • We may have lost all Grief Protection claims started in that time frame
    • We did NOT lose our main survival world, it was stored on a different drive
    So, short of player panic, what does this mean? I honestly don't really know. It's going to screw up a lot of things and it will always be a constant pain for us in the future. Added to that, the server itself has been largely inactive for awhile now. It may be time to start over, start fresh and do things differently this round. ** THIS IS NOT A FINAL DECISION, IM JUST THINKING OUT LOUD **

    Of course, the survival world remain available to travel to and explore builds from the past, but you would not be able to make changes to it. What about your items and all that jazz? I don't know, I haven't got that far into my thought process. But, I wanted to let you know that the server will be down until I can figure out what exactly was lost and what wasn't, then make a decision then. I hope to do this in the coming week, but will depend on a few other factors.
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  2. Liv026

    Liv026 New Member

    A fresh start honestly sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe for the item issue, we could transfer them to the new world? That's just a thought. Hope all will be okay!
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  3. Cassie621

    Cassie621 Member

    Oh wow.. what a crash.. Well, I honestly have no problem with starting fresh! And to do some new cool things to try and attract players again. Hm.. tranfering items? Mm maybe but if it's a hassle I don't mind getting new things again. Goodluck and yeah hope it all gets sorted
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  4. DonutFrosting

    DonutFrosting Active Member

    I think it would be nice to have a brand new world for the people that do want to start over, but keep the old one and allow people to edit it, because my old builds from almost 5 years ago are always nice to visit, edit or just refurbish. However, I would love to start over, because I have basically built everything I can think of and have nothing left to do.

    It would also bring be back to the "olden" days (only a few years ago) when everyone would actually buy things, trade things and work together to get materials.
  5. RoelandCache

    RoelandCache Owner Staff Member

    We lost our entire plugins folder. This is really bad news as it resets everything, including sethomes, etc... coreprotect data, all the way back to May. So, at this point, it probably is best just to start over.

    I will work on getting a new and improved PickaxeMania setup, then work on bring back online the old survival world and how we handle it, whether read only, or just a separated world, will depend on how it all works out.
  6. TheBuderMaster64

    TheBuderMaster64 New Member

    Honestly I would not mind a reset. Even though I have worked hard on doing many things On the server I have started to lose a bit of interest in Minecraft. If the server did reset thought that would definitely bring me back into the game!
  7. Pandieez

    Pandieez New Member

    Wow.. That is really bad.. And yes I agree a fresh start would help the Pickaxe regain the popularity it once had and deserves!
  8. l3raiNfreeZe

    l3raiNfreeZe New Member

    Bad news, but in the greatest way. I think a full restart would bring our existing players closer together. It also fixes a lot of problems like the 2 am lag and broken plugins. In all I think the crash provides a great opportunity to reinvent the server. Let me know if I can help, Cache. I have a lot of time that I can dedicate; be it researching popular servers that we could emulate, revamping the discord (I have ongoing experience owning a discord with 150 members), or organizing a build team for a speedy spawn project. I'm a relatively new member (having joined within the year) but I've met a ton of crafters, introduced some new faces, and logged a ton of hours building and exploring. I didnt mean to make this into an application of sorts, but I would love to help mold the new face of Pickaxemania. Best wishes, as always.
  9. TonyandTommy

    TonyandTommy New Member

    Please do not reset the main survival sever or make it only veiwable. I have have been playing here and adding to the same base since 2013 and I understand why some people want to star fresh. I think a 2nd survival sever with property’s identical to the main should be added and the main sever be left playable.
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  10. TonyandTommy

    TonyandTommy New Member

    A enjoyable part of the main world is exploreing to see all the old abandoned builds. You can’t really do this if the world is reset and even if it’s read only it won’t be the same. One of the things I loved about pickaxemaina is that there are.no mainworld resets. Mainworld resets are what made me leave other severs I like and with everything I’ve put into pickaxemania resenting or converting the mainworld to readonly could very well ruin Minecraft. I think switching to a new main survival world while keeping the current one accessible and playable as a secondary world would make everyone happy without making anyone unhappy
  11. TonyandTommy

    TonyandTommy New Member

    Sorry for posting so many times in a row I just keep haveing ideas I want to add on.
  12. DonutFrosting

    DonutFrosting Active Member

    I agree. Some of the players that have been here for 1-2 years might find it easy to recreate their builds, however for the 3-4 year players, their builds have a LOT of effort and memories put into them.

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