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PickaxeMania How to make Money.



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Ok so I figured there isn't really an In-Depth guide about making money on the server so i thought i may as well make one. I'll cover all the ways to make money that i know of starting with the easier, Less efficient ways and ending with the giant resource intensive ones that will make a lot more.

Simple Methods
Ways that are fairly simple and wont take a massive amount of time to set up.
1. Tree Farming
Probably the simplest and easiest way of making money
Just Start Punching a tree, wait for a sapling and you are ready to begin your tree farm anywhere
chop the trees when they grow and use /sell to sell the wood(Tip: turn the wood into planks to get more money), as you chop down more trees and gather more saplings, expand your farm!

This Method is easy to set up as trees are easily available to all and is also easiest to expand as you'll pick up a large amount of saplings by just chopping trees. This can be made almost anywhere so is very good as a starting point for making money as you can earn quite a lot with a big enough farm.

The only downside to this is the large amount of work it takes via crafting axes, spending lots of time chopping each tree then replanting each one and waiting for saplings to fall. Another annoyance is when a giant oak tree grows, as these can take a minute or 2 to take down.

2. Cactus farming

This method honestly isn't that great on its own without Automation (more on that later) but I feel I should include it because it is technically a way of making money. The good thing about this method is it is extremely easy to build, can be expanded with little material cost and earns a Ok amount of money.

Now on to the many downsides:

  • It requires sand to grow on which makes it a little annoying to expand.
  • The cactus takes a while to grow
  • The harvesting of each cactus is annoying as it takes a second to break
  • the cactus drops can land on cactus, destroying it
  • The cactus cannot be planted next to others, taking up twice as much area
  • The fact it damages you can make destroying ones in the centre. a pain if you grow it in a square
3. Animal farming
*Cough*Pork Co FTW*Cough*
This method takes a little time to find the right amount of animals and bring them to your house but can make a fair amount of money once you have a decent sized amount (Having too many animals lags the server so please don't go crazy with having like 100 pigs in a small box) Pigs are the best animals to farm for money(You cant sell Cow drops, Get Rekt FredSteak) and having a looting and fire aspect sword can help a lot with gaining more money from the flock. I would recommend having the animals in a 8x8 box as it is big enough that you can click on all animals to breed them without them overlapping with others but also small enough that you can breed all pigs without moving round the enclosure. With a Max Sword you can 1 shot Pigs so its fairly easy to get some money from them. Another great thing about this way is the Exp you get as well as the bonus from the Money4Kill Plugin.
(The "+2.0 Coins,You Have Killed 1 PIG ", Plugin)

The main problem with this method is having the carrot farm nearby to breed the pigs. it needs a bit of work from breaking and replanting, as well as meaning this way can take up quite a bit of space without really being expandable. Another small issue is getting the pigs, though you could always ask a Vip to use /mobshop to spawn a few as a starter.

4. Sugarcane farming
This way is widely used as it is simple to set up, easy to harvest, and very easily expandable. You can earn a large amount without a lot of work and this can be built quite simply. Just get some sugarcane from /shop (Or explore to find it the normal way) put it next to some water and away it goes. When selling the sugarcane turn it to sugar first. A great advantage of sugar farming is that it cant be trampled by mobs or by you, making it easy to harvest. It shouldn't take too long to grow and once you have more you can just put more next to the first ones. There are Multiple ways to start a farm, each with certain advantages.


█ █ =Sugarcane

█ █ =Water


Small tip: if you can get some lily pads put them over the water so you can easily collect sugarcane without going into all the water holes to collect crops that fall in them and having to parkour from row to row of sugarcane over the water. This Method can earn massive amounts with a decently sized farm and its very easy to harvest as breaking the second.block up of sugarcane means you don't need to replant.

The only small downside to this is having to put water all over the place which can be a little annoying since you need to collect and place each one with a bucket.

Advanced Methods
Ways that take some time and resources to set up but do end up making a large amount.

1. Mob Spawner
This way is a great way to get money as if built correctly it you can just stand in one place and click to kill the mobs. Although Zombies and Skeletons are easy to farm, It can be possible to make a Cavespider spawner room. This method can be good because should you find another spawner, you can normally just put it on top of the existing one. Again the Money4Kill helps by giving the extra money from the mobs. Although Rotten Flesh cant be sold with /sell Bones and bonemeal can be.

Got a spawner and don't know what to put in your spawner room?
Here's a few Upgrade ideas:

  • A toggle-able Mob auto killer (A dispenser with a lava bucket should do)
  • A spawner maintenance hatch
  • A Spawner disabler (Pistons that block off light from a light source would work)
  • A Mob drop collector (Using hoppers)
  • A baby zombie collector
  • A trading villager (The Cleric trades Rotten Flesh For Emeralds)
The main reason this method can be annoying is getting a spawner from underground and then constructing a big room for it.

2. AUTO Cactus Farming
Now here's a way of making money that can take a few resources to set up but can make a lot of money once its set up. To create an "Automated Cactus" Put some hoppers below a cactus plant (the hoppers are the main expensive resource here) Then, put a sign NEXT TO the block above the cactus. Then Connect the hoppers to a chest (Note that you need to shift click on another hopper when placing a hopper to tell it to put all items it picks up into that hopper)

Now, you just continue this till you have a floor of "Automated Cactus" Note that you can also expand this upwards if you run out of space. I recommend building a wall around it to stop the cactus from falling out of the hoppers range.

A Large Auto Cactus Farm looks like this:


Now the Great thing about this AUTO Cactus farm is its AUTO. No work is needed after setup and if you keep expanding you can earn TONS of money. just go to your collection chest every now and then to collect your cactus and /sell it

Now here comes the Fun stuff, These things are definitely End game because of the Resources needed, tedious parts, or just sheer scale of them.

1. MEGA Mining
You may think:
"How the heck is mining in the INSANITY section? maybe its a little tedious but its surely not that bad?"

WELP This type of Mining is.

You will need:

  • 162 Blocks of Anything that can be used as a Beacon Base
  • A Beacon
  • A Pickaxe with Silk Touch and Efficiency 5 (Unbreaking 3 greatly Helps too)
Make a Full 4 tier Beacon and set it to Haste II and you can now Insta mine stone.
This is a great way to make money as stone sells for 3$ each and with this method you are mining it extremely quickly. Unbreaking 3 will allow you to make money while using /fix on the pickaxe, (i.e You make over 5k per pickaxe repair)

Tips for Mining
I have found the best way to mine is using "Slabs" of Mines. To set this up, Build the Beacon On The Surface, then dig a Staircase a few blocks Beneath The Beacon. Then Mine In 2 opposite directions till you have reached the edge of the Beacons Radius. You should now have a tunnel under the beacon that goes away from the beacon in 2 directions. Now You want to start marking where the "Slabs" Will Be. Every 3 Blocks of the tunnel, dig a small hole in the side of the tunnel (Dig a block then leave 2 blocks) Also, if you aren't interested in collecting resources, just leave 1 block gap between the holes.

Now, You can Start Mining. Keep Mining along one of the small holes till you reach the end of the beacon Radius. Then, Dig 2 Blocks Down and go back towards the main tunnel, When you reach the Main Tunnel, Dig Down 2, Turn Around And go back. Repeat this till you are far enough down that you are out of the beacon range. Then, Just go back up and repeat on the next slab! Remember to sell your stone along the way (I would recommend emptying your inv so you can use /sell all when it fills up)

Just as an example, a Slab looks like this when done:

Im editing this When i have time to add more things and when i remember extra ideas, post any other ways in the comments and Il'l probably add them.

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this is fantastic, thankyou!
(now when people ask me for money I can direct them to this mwahahahdfbrhfbdrcx)
thanks again!

Anyways, thank you so much for the tutorial :D
WOW aaron! this guide is amazing! thank you!
Thanks Everyone, Anyway I cant really think of anything else to add. I think i may add Iron Golem to the Insanity Section but you cant sell the drops so i dont think it counts. also I probably will add a few tips to the Mega Mining Section.


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Ok done with the Mega Mining Tips

Also, I just tested and you don't get money from Iron Golem Kills so there is literally no profit to be made other than the dye from the rose they drop
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