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  1. Sky

    Why am I banned

    I have heard that I have gotten banned and I haven't done nothing.I didn't do anything to deserve a ban.Please let me know cache why am I perm banned for good I didn't cause no problem and if it is because of tawainpiglord Ima show u what he talked to me because I haven't done nothing to...
  2. Sky

    Nintendo Swich

    So as you all know Nintendo swich has released Minecraft and server are comming for it and it would be cool if Pickaxe had a server for it.Just suggested maybe u can make a nintendo swich server
  3. Sky

    World Record

    Pretty sure ill never get as much kills as this
  4. Sky

    My ban

    So I figured I was banned for griefing for 2 weeks then it went to a month for griefing.I don't recall griefing so I went to investigate with my friend who I lend use my account.I asked him did u break stuff then he said yes.Im sorry if he did stuff wrong I took the blame for him that way my...
  5. Sky


    so when the server messaged me in /mail this I got confused I did buy my pwr idk what its talking about
  6. Sky


    So I need help.If u were to pick a console either the New Nintendo switch or a Wii U what would u pick cus im gonna get 1 of them
  7. Sky

    Creative Gates for protection!

    So today I got grieft by Cindu it got rolled back it was a lot. My portals got broke.I didnt wanna claim the land since people live in it.Would it be possible if Portals u make with pwr can be rolled back?
  8. Sky

    Claiming lands

    I am tired of Nicky claiming my town can I claim it myself he claims it al is it ok?
  9. Sky

    I have been seeing weird things

    I have been seing lots of weird things on pickaxe that are not normal 1.The other day Sara had vip she didnt buy it or win it 2.Pombeard has vip and Power pack and she didnt buy it in any shape of form she told me idk if its a glitch or if its true but its weird im not reporting im just...
  10. Sky


    Is it just me or. is the players in game page blank when I press it?
  11. Sky

    Rude Pombeard

    So Pombeard was being rude and here is my evidence btw she said it to me
  12. Sky

    Have a favorite moment/media post it here

    I have a favorite media ill post a moment soon here is my fav media
  13. Sky

    Language Cxndyplier

    So Cxndyplier is using bad language on me and music and here is my evidence
  14. Sky

    Npc problems

    So it started off like this. Me and EnjuSamaki were playing on Minecraft.We were gonna make a friend npc wall of are dearest friends and best people and the staff. So the problem is when she tries to make 1 next to the other 1 it won't help her. Is it a glitch or something cus its weird if u are...
  15. Sky

    Story Time

    Have a fun story ud like to tell post it here My story So this happened when I was five.One beautiful morning just me and. meh teddy bear.Walking to go play in my xbox.But I saw a rat.Ontop of the bear.Then the next day I saw the bear moving.I started running to my backyard for about 2...
  16. Sky

    Plugins I found that may sound cool!

    So I was wondering on youtube looking at plugins idk why but I found 3 cool. plugins I would like to share that may sound cool and may seem players if u wanna get. it 1st plugin I found:CommandNPC explanation On a server I play u get warp to places by hitting Npcs u just hit them either a...
  17. Sky

    Mob payment plugin

    So since we moved on to 1.11 when u kill mood u no longer get 20 30 40 and 50 dollars. Now we only get payed little I'm wondering if that plugin can come back
  18. Sky

    Christmas gifts

    what u get for Christmas say it here I got a ac book air very good thank you Santa till next year say what u got in mc and irl for r Christmas present
  19. Sky

    Santa hunters

    Ik people think santa is fake and think that parents buy presents Thats were you all are wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG I am forming a club to proove that santa aint fake Its called santa hunters On christmas eve we all go on this website and find out weere santa is Now lets give a example...
  20. Sky

    The town of pickaxe!!!!!! Who wants to join

    Clearly towns in pickaxe have gotten well.Communities,toens,citys,grinder towns have gone good.But what would be cool that may be fun is. Tun tuturun. The town of pickaxe.would thst he cool.Somewone can host it and we vote for who will be president for a month. It can have a goverment president...