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    Plan for 1.13 Release

    Whenever Mojang releases 1.13 (as of this writing, expected on July 18th), a number of things need to happen.... After the release, Spigot will start releasing public snapshots of 1.13, which will allow developers to start testing their plugins against 1.13. Since so much has changed in 1.13, I...
  2. Memorial Day 2018 Promotion

    Memorial Day 2018 Promotion

  3. RoelandCache

    Love the New Site

    Thanks. Still working on it and will take that into consideration.
  4. Cache Temple

    Cache Temple

  5. Spawn before our current one was built over it.

    Spawn before our current one was built over it.

  6. CobbleSheep


  7. Old Creative World

    Old Creative World

    View from Live Map
  8. Christmas gift to me

    Christmas gift to me

  9. Player tracker

    Player tracker

  10. RoelandCache

    Seem Dead on the Forums? Everyone is on Discord...

    Yep, when we launched Discord, combined with losing bout 4 months worth of forum posts, it really made the forum "die". But, server is going strong and so is our Discord Channel. https://discord.gg/pNbX7hN
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    Staff Application Forms

    Two Forms Need to Be Completed: #1 Application Itself #2 Quiz & More Questions
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    Repeatedly Losing Connection.

    This has been fixed, I believe.
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    Details of New Server PickaxeMania 2.0...

    All ranks are 1-time payment, except the newly introduced Diamond Rank with is a monthly subscription.
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    Details of New Server PickaxeMania 2.0...

    Yes, you will be able to upgrade from rank to rank, without incurring overlapping costs. If you already have VIP *aka* Platinum, then it will simply be an upgrade, and any discounts offered at the time of upgrade, would still apply. Currently, at 50% OFF, the prices are the same as before, and...
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    Petition to bring back old survival world

    Petition denied.