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Jan 7, 2015
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Live map is back Mar 31, 2016

    1. MCDiamondGirl20
      Hi cache I changed my user to Dia_The_Waffle please can u change my account name coz im not MCDiamondGirl20 anymore
      Many Thanks
    2. BMCrazyPeople
      Hi, Cache! Yesterday, on June 22nd, the server restarted. Before the server restarted, I had some diamond tools and I was renaming them epic names (:D). I was renaming (specifically) a sword, 2 picks, 1 bow, 2 axes, and 2 shovels. When I got back on after the server restarted, I had lost 1 silk touch pick, 1 axe, and 2 shovels and the tools I still had weren't named.
      1. BMCrazyPeople
        Before the server restarted, I put the tools in /account. I was wondering if you could recover them for me?
        Jun 23, 2015
    3. Droo
      Hello I have just purchased the $104 vip package and while claiming the /vipclaim my inventory was mostly full and I did not receive the full reward. I received 4 stacks of diamonds and no emeralds. If I could please claim the loot I did not receive that would be amazing! Also I am a graphic design student and was wondering if you were in need of a few t-shirt designs, I would love the practice.
    4. chase
      Hello Owner Cache: I'm here to ask you if i could be unbanned for adretizing I'm sorry i said my server ip i wont do it again please please unban me i learn't my lesson i won't do it again sircencly, chase and my username is "chasedig"
    5. PineappleHead47
      please unban me i know i griefed but it was very little and i am really sorry, also it has been for over a year and i have learnt my lesson
    6. OriginCrafter
      So I gotta wait out the next 24 hour ban.. Or can I come back in sooner? (Fine if I have to wait it out though)
    7. chase
      can i be unnbanned sorry for advertising i won't do it again please unban me thanks again by chasedig
    8. Niv
      hey cache ur server is really awesome!!!
    9. Hopejkik
      and I'm eating cake oo
    10. Hopejkik
      hey cache can we team speak in a few days i have so Q and A for u
    11. espofam
      HELP! Ever since the server crashed on 4/4/15 (Saturday before Easter) Minecraft hasn't let me log into pickaxe and I can't play on the server yet it works fine for the others! What happened?!
    12. Bluebird2013
      Dear RoelandCache,
      Im sorry for saying the j word when i said it the server blocked out by saying tickle and a lot of people thought i said the f or b word. Im sorry. I promos i won't ever swear aegean. I got banned :( i hope we can work things out. I really love this server #Best Server In The World :D
      Hope i can have one last chance. Hope to see you soon my good friend.

      Love, your number one fan,
    13. Joshua Licon
      Joshua Licon
      Roeland may you offer you assistance. I allow my brother to use my account at times. well i heard of the money awarded from mobs that a player changed to 999999. i let my brother play during this time and when i got back on my money was at -96 million and something. I'm not asking for my money back, but i am asking for a balance reset to start over. i would appreciate if you could fix this for me.
    14. JustSoySauce
      Roeland I understand you may be a busy individual however I need to make contact with you ASAP i have had some issues on the server that i hope we can resolve. Feel free to call me at 516-263-9282 or email me at daikichiwashington@gmail.com or even skype me at Daikichi Washington. Please respond.
    15. Seattle times
      Seattle times
      hey roeland. i changed my name from polopolo206 to seattletimes and i cant get back on the server. Can you help me get back on the server
    16. gillybear16
      cache is cool because he is my boss XD but she is right cache your so cool whip LOL
    17. xxanish
      Roeland you are so cool. Just thought I'd say that. Like you are cooler than a jeb_ and that's sayin a lot. So yeah. Bye!
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