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Jan 7, 2015
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Live map is back Mar 31, 2016

    1. Gem_Sacrlet
      Im proud of all the new staff, congrats all ❤️
    2. MiniNinja1987
      Question for you Cache (probably a no) is there anyway i could be staff? I gave been a member of the server since last year so, not to long (im probably hated)
    3. Sky
      Cache is it true that the anouncment u made about getting maried irl true is it?
      1. RoelandCache
        Dec 13, 2016
        Danielle likes this.
    4. Zofer
      Hey, I wanted to ask something
      I used to be BillCipherLove, but I was hacked and now I can't get on, they've switched the email
      Is it possible for me to get my VIP back without paying?
    5. Sky
    6. Sky
      Also is there gonna he a spawn contest this yeae
    7. Sky
      Hi cache im a new member im CoolSky1738 wich is EpicBoyGamer
    8. captainminer07
      i now but i just want to build one cause i have nothing to do
    9. captainminer07
      i am making a new spawn for the server i hope you use it.
      1. Riskke
        Hi captainminer07. I'm sorry to tell you this, but the only time to build spawns for the server is for the annual spawn contest, which is held every year (around December-January).
        May 18, 2016
    10. captainminer07
      so i got banned because my chunks did not load so i got banned for xray cache please on ban me.
      1. Riskke
        Please email Cache at roelandcache@pickaxemania.com for a ban appeal. Thanks.
        May 18, 2016
      2. captainminer07
        thanks man
        May 19, 2016
    11. RoelandCache
      Live map is back
    12. RoelandCache
      Spring Break is coming and that means 25% VIP for the next week.
      1. fishey~kun and Moonfish like this.
      2. Moonfish
        Mar 10, 2016
    13. Erin
      this is poobutfarts1331 kanespy is so mean to me
      1. Daisy
        I've been on when Kane has been talking to you, and I don't believe he's being mean. I believe he is merely suggesting that you be less bothersome to other players. Thank you bye bye.
        Feb 23, 2016
    14. Zoe B
      Zoe B
      Hi Chache. Megaholtis banned me originally for grief earlier. When you unbanned me he banned me once more. I think this is because they don't realize I've been unbanned. It's only an 18 hour ban because I think they are finishing the week that I was supposed to be banned for. If you could please unban me once more.
      1. Zoe B
        Zoe B
        (I have in no way griefed and this is a shock to me. I've actually barely been on. If this could please get straightened out?
        Jan 31, 2016
    15. Zoe B
      Zoe B
      I don't know very much about becoming a staff member. I'm not sure if it requires a completely clean history with no exceptions or an age etc, but I really hope I can try to become a staff member and put this ban behind me. I'm very sorry to all the players that may have been griefed by my account ;-; Thank you for reading :)
    16. Zoe B
      Zoe B
      I am very sad about this ban because I feel like a delinquent xD and I worry that I have ruined my reputation as a player. One day I hope to become a staff member to your wonderful server. I'm worried that this ban (my first ban) will prevent be from pursuing this.
    17. Zoe B
      Zoe B
      I am fully aware that I am responsible for my account and I in no way expect to be unbanned and I completely accept responsibility as this is my fault. I'd just like you to know that have learned my lesson. I am no longer allowing my family to share my account and I have set up another account for them.
    18. Zoe B
      Zoe B
      Hi Chache ^-^ you probably know me by my username Pastelz or (formally) Craftaholic_. I have just today found out I have been banned on Pickaxe Mania for a week because of grief. I'd like to say I am so very sorry. I have no intention of griefing players but I allow my family to play on my account which is why this has occurred.
    19. BakingBrownies1
      Hi cache!Thank you so much for everything you've done for pickaxemania! I hadn't been on the server for at least a year and to come back two months ago, it was such a welcoming environment and i just LOVE this sever!!!!
    20. tictacattack49
      Hi! Happy to have played on this server for 3 years! Thanks for everything!
      1. OriginCrafter
        Errmm... *Cough* 2 years.
        Oct 4, 2015
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